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Managers vs. Leaders

I’ve thought a lot about management versus leadership throughout the years, and I’ve paid close attention to all of the managers (and leaders) I’ve encountered. I’ve learned to seek out leaders when my direct manager wasn’t supporting me or helping me grow. This infographic I created is a small piece of what a strong leader looks like. Strong leaders are supportive and understanding. They communicate clearly, and seek to build a positive, healthy, and safe environment. They support professional growth, and always seek to understand when things aren’t always clear (or they don’t agree). They turn to the experts that surround them to solve problems. They genuinely care about the people they are leading.

We lead our students in our buildings every single day - whether they are students we teach in our classrooms, or students we encounter in the hallways. They are ALL our students. Will our students (in our classrooms or in the hallways) be more likely to follow where we lead them if we act like "managers" or "leaders"?

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